Window of opportunity — a song of trauma

What is the difference between being god
and knowing that I am god?
Being at the mercy of… whom?
Being refused… by whom?

The joy of being accepted fully.
Madrecita, accept me,
Madrecita accepted me,
Madrecita nurtured me, so I could be myself.

Resting in the abundance I am, now,
a lush landscape, caressed by warm winds of soft emotion.
Living. Waves at bay, the window of tolerance,
the window of opportunity presents itself.

Your salvation, your very life is in that window.
God is in that window, silence and freedom is in that window.
What is the difference between being god
and knowing that I am god?

Look for your allies, they are here and they are soft, white:
Breath – the secret of secrets,
time – always in your favor,
slowing down.

Stay calm. Let the innermost chamber of your heart open and see what’s inside.
As ever greater wings spread and even further reaches unstoppably appear —
all lush, ever living — your heart-bird, made of light also safely arrives.
Make no sudden move. Learn to walk, to fly. Breathe.

Roots, landscape, sky, all you. Silence, all you.
Who are you? Explore that landscape! Explore who you are!
Explore the parts covered by names and faces. Big chunks of you. Who are you?
Where is your end and where do you begin? Let this breath reveal that to you.

Who listens? What is this window? What’s in the gap? What stays?
I don’t know, but I am carried, all the time.
I give myself, and all I get is life,
one breath at a time.

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