Songbird, a difficult birth

A quest for glory:

After a horrendously difficult yet successful birth! Many intrusive impressions!

That is the most difficult balance for me: no inner restrictions and at the same time no attachments. I am striving for both, and I am hindered in both of them I think. I would like to purely play!!! Not just in my head. Responsibly! Co-op.

No attachments sound pretty fucking scary to me! If I want it to be, it can also be pretty fucking embracive.

Almost the same goes for the topic of no restrictions and showing up real.

I would like to see how intertwining lives work.

I would like to really like and love my partner, repeatedly.

I'd like to play.


A riddle:

Acting and pointing within our borders, not to the outside, thus keeping our power to ourselves (which is strictly on behalf of, or for something).

Playing nicely and honestly, to ourselves. Gently.

What's difficult is difficult, and easy is easy.


Beautiful and round songbird.


"Of course relationship involves attachment – to the person – not an idea though – so that involves owning and withdrawing projections we have on the person." - J ❤️

"Maybe it’s not about sitting everything out – maybe more about sitting with awareness / consciousness with all that emerges, before choosing to act with clarity of intention and responsibility (in its original meaning), both for ourselves and others.

I don’t know, but maybe." - J ❤️

"Much depends on how much I ‘hold on‘ to what I describe to myself as ‘lack’ at separation, I could choose to reframe it as the end of one experience which allows for the beginning of another.

If I take a step back from identifying myself as ‘lacking’ something then there’s a possibility of ??? How about that?" - J ❤️