Right relationship collage 2019

“What is my next step in my relationship with R?”


1) Wounded Lady

In your relationship the next step should be to tend to your wound
I am here to challenge you
It doesn’t matter
I don’t understand everything
Go with peace, and for peace
It is OK


2) Ascension

Find stability
Be stable in yourself
Space is safe
Watch your belly
Find a way to relax
Watch your back
Feet on the ground
I love you
It’s gonna be fine


3) A Wild God

I am the most important card
Burn the candle on both ends
Be crazy. Be foolish. Go for it, Baby! (Similarly to Austin Powers.)
I am there for you
Clean it up
I will see you in a bit


1) 2) 3) together

Take back yourself
Focus back on yourself in a relaxed way
Keep in mind your vulnerability to the (her) wound
It is a balancing act
Keep it safe and clean
Remember your own wound
It is all a part of you

Hurt (this is also the word the very little and young me wanted to communicate)
I am hurt
It is fine

Tend to the wound
Tend to the wound


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