Presence (1)

Presence is a tricky thing,
Subtle, sensitive, unknown.
How does it happen? I don’t know.
Maybe a feather in the wind,
Maybe loving, lacking,
Acceptance of all.

Maybe it is Austin Powers,
Maybe it is welcoming and warmth.
Maybe there is something in the way,
And then we are cooked and boiled
For days,
Until the wind is right.

It is mostly through,
Through a feeling,
Through something previously denied.
It is always complete,
It is always beautiful, full of life,
We are it, all allowed.

It can be helped by expression,
A love letter,
Brotherhood, sisterhood alike,
Acknowledgement, encouragement,
Simple love, an act of will,
The grace of God from above.

Automatic acceptance.
Let me remember, and let me
Love all myself — all there is,
Let me hurt, then let me live.
Step by step.
On the path and in the heart.

The fortunate, glorious moments
Of accepting it all.
Being abalone, not alone, together,
Connected, connected inside,
Remembering ourselves
And the better times.

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