Love life

Feléd lépni felém lépni.

"It does not have to be worse than this." – J

The surrealism of life unfolds itself when we allow ourselves to immerse in it fully. In any form. Unfolding is a dynamic and subtle move.

We can get ahead on our road if we improve ourselves like black forests. Many dark pine trees next to each other, growing slowly, on rainy days and sometimes in the sun. Trees in us and around, big pillars, growing together – some die, some live.

J passes me by, I can live – there is a burst of energy.

I know about teaching, families, improvement, helping and support. Flexibility.

J mentioned that my trajectory will be outstanding, and may as well be easy, if bumpy.

I know how to learn, and sometimes I do rebel.

On your journeys you will find
Balance of the heart and mind
We'll say a prayer for your kin
While life brings you home again

This whole work is a time machine, outside of time.
It enables us to redo, now, that was done harshly, then, in a previous version of now.

I am "real".

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