INFP ❤ INFP or INFJ + Communication + Staying power is sort of my dream work and combination. To truly and deeply love, be loved and understood.
INFP ❤ ENFP + Communication + Staying power might function as well, a different challenge.
Sometimes I am entertaining the idea of making a change, for a life period, and letting each natural movement find refuge and a home in me. I would ask my body if it wants to play along, and if YES, I would allow it to. (This latter sentence would be a life change, I can do the preceding one even now.)

I noticed that the fear, tension, blackness that I experience upon a long relaxation / sleep is the fear of the undefined and unknown. It is simple as that, and black as death. Interesting that during these sleeps flashes of bright white light also appear, very sparsely.
Sometimes I relax as long as these pulls or strains disappear, and only then get up. I opt to get up on relaxation. At times with these black memories.

Outside, I finally know what season it is. Cold, snowy, drops of water hanging on little twigs of trees, inanimate.