Waves II.

Layer two
A little deeper
A little stranger

Dick, dick, dick
Jummy, jummy dick
Cock, cock, cock
Jummy cock

Pussy, pussy, pussy

Ass, ass, ass

Never again, always again

I do not care, or even love your dick
Your face, your smell, your tits, your breasts

It is my psyche, I am my psyche as well, or even broader than that
Much broader, much, much broader

Brother, brother
My dear brother
My dear son

My dear asphalt
Hits, hits, never forget, always forget
Sturdy, sturdy frame
Barrier, border
Hits and hits, just hits

And I fear and I get astonished
And I choose to love

And not to stick any more, to anything
Anything in my view, or otherwise
Any more
For now
All the same
All the time

This one passes, that one passes
My will is fragile, my presence faint, my teeth fall and fail
My stomach grumbles, my head spins, aches and fades

I am no more
What if
What now
Wherever I go, my head fades
My vision fades
My emotions fade
My myriad thoughts fade away
The film changes
The camera fails

Brother, brother, brother
I live again
You bring me here
Brother, brother
My dear brother
I came back for you

I truly, genuinely do not know
I do not know why I write this and how
I just write this
Dick in the hand
Love in the mouth
In the hands, in the sand
In the heart

I heart you
I heart
I love
I warm
I warmly love

I cannot say more

I am as heterosexual as can be
Yet I do not care if you were a man
Even though the manhood does not attract me, but repels
It is the how, not the what
It is the hair, not the blemishes
It is the feminine smile
The feminine hands, the warmth
The warmth, the warmth

It is only the genes
Our genes are the patterns
Of long lost waves and vibes
All the vibes
Long lost attachments
In the cone of consciousness
Sticking here and now
Instead of being here and now
All the cone
Here and now
Is all

I do not fear you
I become fear sometimes
I thought
And yet I am love, I am love, all the love all the time

And I am not even joking
This is not new age
When I dip into cold water, harsh waters
I just love
Simply love
Fully love
All my love
Through my heart
Spreads around
In big waves
Huge winds
Huge wings, wide wings
All the time

Wide wings, white wings
Around and around
Around you
Around me
Fully alive!


Wildly, widely, fully alive!

This is the innermost song
Because innermost there can be only songs
No jokes
No prose
No poems
Only songs, the innermost songs, and instrumental winds
Glimpses and instrumental gazes
Subtle, sublime

It is only love, love, it is only love
Of contact
Not contract
Dreams of love and being alive
Fully in touch, and touch, and touch
And to belong and to be a part of
A Teil, a rész, a part of
Never apart

Tacky, no more, I do not mind

Tacky? No more. I do not mind.

This is me, a little, teeny-tiny bit of consciousness

Dancing, dreaming, screaming alive

In love, deep, deep love all the time

I love you so much
A little wider, a little deeper
A little less sticky
Less focused on the cock that we started with, those energies can rise

Now that is tacky, it is just a speck on the cone
Leave it be, leave it throb or whatever you want, it wants

You are alive

A dense heap of meat and thought and sinews and innards
And half rotten meat or greens in your tract
That lovely tract
That keeps you alive, and your lungs, lovely lungs
Breathing all the time
Until you die and do not want to breathe any more
In a deep, wild, funny, rested exhale or inhale
Or whatever way you wanna die

Or be alive

Does not matter

Please practice my dear. Self restraint, in the name of God
So it may grow bigger
Much bigger
As the tinier and stronger you are

The whole horizon indescribable love

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