This doorway through the heart

Our heart is capable of perpetually breaking and melting
And when we can just allow it and go really easy about it
Then we simply become already free

(And we naturally know how to do it)

To be free is to be free of protection but being held
To which the one way I know is aligning with peace
Because nothing stands in the way of peace

Peace rests

This is the simple meaning of heartfelt prayer and meditation
Which is pure presence
Happiness, compassion and overwhelming love

A song really, for you
About joy and love
And the acceptance of all

In the words of Saint Francis of Assisi:

“And Lady Poverty lay down upon the bare ground for she was weary, and they straightway brought her a stone and laid it under her head, and she slept for a brief space in peace.” (1)

It is a way of loss
Arrival to the unceasing recognition
Of full nourishment and holding in clear presence

I am afraid to write: There is nothing more safe than
Loosing protection
While deeply rooted in the ground

(1) a quotation from Margaret Cushing Osgood’s beautiful anthology, The City Without Walls, from 1932, via Claire M Mathews

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