Rule of threes

The Loop revisited,
Everything is a triangle
Due to division and fear

Me relating
To a healthy counterpart,
Also to a wounded one

We are the three of us
In disarray, no real communication,
Only loss and fear

Loss is love,
As they say,
For a part, well loved

Wounds seek out wounds,
Wounded parts get neglected,
Wounds need loving attention

Backhand aggression does not work
Against us,
Holds us back

One leg should be loving kindness
One leg should be me
One leg should be honesty to everyone else

One framework should be legality
One framework should be the confines of this mundane world
One framework should be the safety of and beyond, around God

Loosing vibration, finding a container
Narrowing down joy
Going out, breathing, and taking cordless action now


From J: "May I be filled with warmth and loving kindness
May I be well
May I be peaceful, gentle with myself and at ease
May I forgive and be forgiven
May I be happy

And may all beings be happy and well and free from fear"