Omission Symphony

Rivers of sadness
A grimace engraved so deep
That this mouth opens and my innocent face widens
Into a pleasant and strong, fucking silent cry

Very loud, involuntary grasps of air
While white wings of energy burst through my system
From the heart towards the shoulders
The armour of my chest opens – all the vivid elements of my body vibrate and tingle
Fullness of re-life, a complete situation, capitulation into naturalness, freedom

Plentiful information
This time about the communication in distant eyes
When I am alone
People apart
Glass walls

I know I am here to love
In a strange and loose matrix of spirits wearing masks
And traits, lianas of personality
We get lost in it
And we find our way

What the fuck
I say
How to find the light and reflection of home in a primary mate
And love others with equanimity
While agreeing to most of our traits?

This charade has its effects on me
My own historical re-attachments – recreating the same – insane
Until I start walking bolder, easy and loose, determined
Grateful and closer to you
Because we are able to – without a stubborn push or a pull

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