Lion 🔴 Scorpion 🔴 Ram

I really enjoy spending time in the first matrix, in the oceanic consciousness of home.
Mixed masculine and feminine energies, not just in essence but also in physicality.
Sometimes the scorpion takes me on a tour, into exploration, maybe also sexual play, preferably (and exclusively) with my partner. Also into the inland in me, such a beautiful place.
Sometimes – now – the lion sits up and radiates light from it glorious mane. Lion changes and governs life. Radiates peace, goodness. Uplifts you.
The ram makes it happen romantically – and in other ways. We are creating an alchemy, aiming at a cosy, round, content life in everyday buoyancy.
We make it happen.
We have a firm vision, we are flexible about the details. We opened up to a new breadth, love and family.

(The next photo I post here about myself should be with friends and family.)