Focus (….) wider

||: When focusing on a person, on a problem, on pain, on despair, on helplessness,
please focus wider.

Know what you focus on, also when it is narrow, intense, dense.
It is you, love it.
Focus wider and love that, too. See the bed that holds that sorrow.

Just sit and focus wider, softer.
Say a prayer if you will or count your breath or watch the birds.
Do what brings you close, softer.

Lay on your belly, face down, collapse and sink into the earth.
Say your prayer the way you can.

∞ All the time.

Also, stop, if you can. There is a pull. Does it apply to you?
There is a pull. Why go? <– ♡ –>

∞ And then: just pray.
Offer your all and deeply ask for forgiveness.
This is all. The answer is empty and you know it, what was the question?


Also forget all this and pay attention to your daily life.
Look most at what you do not like to look at.
Take your blissful dream and focus on the uneasy parts.

Focus on the uneasy part and then focus wider, softer ever again. :||